Mom says she is feeling a bit better not 100% she said but a little bit better, well that is good because I miss my MOM when she is not smiling.

So Smile a do for my mom to make her feel better, yesterday we took a late afternoon walk oh my doodles was it great, the other day I didn’t go anywhere, and DAD was busy with stuff so MOM and I just snuggled snuggle snuggle which is what I can do the best !!!

On our walk yesterday afternoon My Treat guy was outside oh yes he was I haven’t seen him a bit and can you believe it there were 3 other pups waiting for treats ! ! ! ! Ooooo I was happy to get a treat on our walk, mom doesn’t bring one along. so sad whinnnn whinnnn,

Also I met a new doodle on our walk and she is a very young pup 7 months old and her name is NORMA yep yep she was a frisky one that NORMA, oh Doodles I did have to tell her I had several girlfriends already so I was taken.

OOOOO MOM do you know she still likes to kick those leaves all around when we walk ooh I try to but I would rather sniff and sniff then well just leave a little something for the next pup ! ! HA HA HA
I love fall ! ! ! !

Today I am going to look out the window and see if any big trucks come rumbling down my street yesterday they picked up some leaves man they are noisy I could not get my Doodley nap in oh have no fear I did a bit.

So have a Tremendous Thursday

Love ya Willy BABE

Have a great Thursday

Have a great Thursday


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