good Morning

Hellooo Helloooo I hope you all are fine Hellooo hellooo It is another Day !

You know what I don’t like I don’t like that it gets so dark so early and then MOM likes to rush for my walks, but last night we didn’t walk at all, MOM still has that silly old cough MOM, says that maybe tonight depending upon how she is feeling.

So if she says know I am just going to have too give DAD those doodle eyes so that he gives me a walk, he will how can you not resist my Doodle eyes they like to watch you My Doodle Eyes always want to know what your doing because you just might go into the kitchen and get some of that delicious cheese I like, hmmmmmmmmm Gouda Cheeese my favorite HA HA HA and MOM an Dad always want to know how I know when they open it up !

HA HA HA HA if I tell them that answer then they will want to know How I know when they pull up in the drive way and then If I tell them that one, Then they will want to know HOw I know they are going out for the night and then if I tell them that one they will want to know when I know its time for BED.

Hmmmmmm So if you give a ME Mr. Wilson Doodle a little piece of that cheese , maybe JUST maybe I will let you in on some of my doodleicous secerets.

Have a great day

Love ya Willy BABE

I see you

I see you


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