Oh My doodles is it MONDAY already oh my oh my

I didn’t even get to enjoy my Saturday with Mom because of the Rain oh Yes it rained and rained all day long so Mom and I just stayed in and snuggled mom has a cold so all she wanted to do was relax but, then all of a sudden she goes in the basement and comes up the stairs with all kinds of stuff for me to try on !

What what is this all about Halloween oh yes so I tried a hat on a shirt , It was pretty cool trying on Bob’s clothes but man oh doodles man I could not walk with the shirt on !

Then all of a sudden all kinds of kids came to our door even little ones I had fun waggin my tail, Then the best was when my group of kids I always say hi to said HI WILSON to me when Mom opened up the door ! !

It was fun fun fun this trick or treating I even got a few treats from MOM n Dad.

OOOOppps gotta go

have a great day today

Love ya willy BABE no worries I’ll be back tomorrow




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