It’s Finally Fluffy FRIDAY and want to know something really Really Fantastic , well…… Today my Mom does not have to go too work oh YEAH OH YEAH

So let’s do the doodle doodle dance, put your two paws forward and shake shake shake shake put your tail up in the air and wag wag wag wag, oh its so much fun to do the doodle doodle dance ! Oh yes don’t forget to smile and smile and smile and shake it all about that is the doodle doodle dance jump one way then the other jump one way and then the other.

Oh my I just love to do the doodle doodle dance !

So yesterday MOM was home early and after we ate dinner we went out for a early walk too oh yes that was fun because starting next week it will be a little bit darker earlier so MOM and I will have to put on more lights oh doodles I am not sure if I can handle that one, I’ll tell you why Yesterday when we waked up a street minding our own business as I was sniffing every tree I met well I of course.

Some young humans were laughing and laughing then all of a sudden they said HEY look at the DOG with the LIGHT oh my OH MY “Mom, were they talking about me?” whinnnnn whinnnnn I gave My MOM a huge smile she of course said “NO” your not a dog your a DOODLE !

“Whoooosh !” “Thanks MOM” I was worried for a moment oh doodles on the way we walked !! ! !

It was a beautiful night too the stars were out ahhhhhh I just love our nights like that ,

But , today not so sure yet what we are doing, I think some stuff we will see OOOOOooooOO I also have to try on a costume hmmmmmmm I wonder wonder what what what I can be hmmmmmmmmmmmm I think I know but mom will have to ask my Human Big Brother but….. maybe I can ask myself

Well oh well I guess I better doodle along singing a song all day long now which song will I sing HMMMMmmm OOOO do you know what mom did the other day??
One of her little kids gave her some acorns so ….. she brought them home and gave them to Rocky the Squirrel yes she did and of course he came the next morning and hid them in my grass oh oh oh I wonder if he’ll remember where he dug them, I will help Rocky he is an okay squirrel.

Have a wonderful FRIDAY

BoooooOOOOOooooooo BOO

Love ya Willy BABE

My MOM has the day OFF TODAY  Yippeeee

My MOM has the day OFF TODAY Yippeeee


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