Good Morning

It’s Raining It’s Raining no play time outside for this Doodle Bug, It’s Raining It’s raining that means I can get WET ! !

And guess what MOM over slept this morning yes she did I would of gone up to wake her but guess what I was way to relaxed on the couch in my Doodle POSE, then all of a sudden I hear MOM MOM MOM ooppps sorry MOM I should of gone up to get you OH Doodles.

Last night guess what I saw my little girlfriend Maisy May, yes I did oh I just love it when she stands up on me to whisper “Hey Willy BABE, You need a new battery in your light ” ha ha ha OH of course that is not what she said she said She MIsses me oh don’t worry Maisy we will get together soon ! !

Yep even Mr. O said My batter light was dim around my collar so it looks like we have to shop OH Doodles we just might have to go too my favorite store !

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm But if it stops raining we will still walk I think MOM said she can find a battery somewhere that would be good I would hate not to go for my walk tonight.

Last night was pretty weird hardly no one was out walkin there humans hmmmmmm Very Doodley strange.

But this morning ahhhhh I just think it is a sleepy kinda morning Yes I just going to lay down all day and snuggle with my pillow waht??? Oh sure when dad comes home for lunch I will wag my tail but right now Yawwwnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn doodley doo time to lay down

have a great day

Love Ya Willy BABE

What better way  to spend a raining day ahhhh

What better way to spend a raining day ahhhh


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