Good Morning

Hello Hello

I know I know its just that Monday’s are sometimes just too hard to get going on my computer yes yes ITS MINE well, if I can’t get my own laptop I decided that this computer is MINE MINE ha ha ha well, of course I will let my mom and dad use it.

Oh My Doodles I had a wonderful doodley weekend, at first when MOM left for the day I was like what the HECK why oh Why can’t I????

Beacause MOM said I’ll be shopping and Pups aren’t allowed in stores well, then “Why Did I SNIFF SNIFFF smell that you petted a GOLDEN RETRIEVER?””””

OH well I forgave MOM when she came home she played with me sooooo all is goood !

I tell you on Sunday MOM racked and racked then we played soccer and racked and racked ahhhh what a beautiful sunny Sunday for me and MY MOM<
OOO she is funny too did you know she likes to make HUGE leave piles and then fall in them???? OH YES SHE does, so I would have to go over and check in on MOM then she would throw leaves at me sometimes SOMETIMES OH MOM is silly just like me !!

After we were all done with our playing and playing we went for a really fun walk on the East River Trail, oh my doodles I got to run just a little bit until we saw how many people were walking and didn't want to get into trouble. But it was FUN ! ! ! ! !

OH my I almost thought that yesterday when MOM came home we were not NOT going to go for a walk, hmmmmmmm what can I do think think think come on noodles in my brain THINK ahhhh HA Got it , I started to grab some napkins off of the table, so MOM was like Hmmmmmmmmm Hmmmmmmm I think someone needs a walk,
Well, MOM of course I do I hardly got outside at alll today ! ! ! !

So off we went into the neighborhood let us go into the dark OH don't worry we have lights on we are almost like a Christmas tree HA GHA AH oh my doodles and all the humans were out last night walking there pups , Not a scary night at all .

BoooooOOOOOOOOooooOOOOOOOOoo BOO Mom says we are going to look through some stuff tonight to see what I can be for Halloween ! ! !

Love ya All

Willy BABE Yep  Yep   Yep  I am still loving FALL


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