Happy Friday

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Friday the best day of the weeek issssss FRIDAY FRIDAY OH OH OH Friday Friday lets really really wag our tail for FRIDAY !!

But, first a doodle word about THursday see on Thursday Mom took me for our evening walk and it was great and all but a little Octoberishly strange, yeah first I saw Mr. and Mrs. O starting to walk Little Maisy and I really thought for sure we would be going that way but nooooOOOoooo Mom wanted to go the opposite direction.

So as we were walking some guy was delivering papers hmmmmmm Mom and I thought that was a little strange. so we kept on walking I didn’t want to go straight so I told MOM lets turn, oh my doodles what a night but, MOM and I can’t understand why oh why some people don’t wear lights like me oh well, but the scariest part of our Thursday walk was when, we got to our street and we saw someone walking then whooosh he was gone ooooOOOOooooo Mysterious October nights, so as we walked MOM noticed and so did I that tonight is going to be veryyyy erriely strange.

I put my doodle alertness mode on all of a sudden we noticed the lights were OFF OOFF OOFFFF then all of a sudden we hear Sue (thats moms name ) Sue is that you?????!?!?! It was Mr. O oh my Doodles Mom was startled a bit. But we got home lite some candles and all was doodley fine in my doodle world.

October night walks are a little bit strange BoooooOOOOooooooOOOOOooooo ! ! ! ! !

But today is FRIDAY FRIDAY a tail flully waggin kind of day, Last night MOM and I played ball in the backyard she says Wilson want to go and Play?? oh Doodles YES YES YES I quickly grabbed my ball and OFF we WENT into the backyard

OOOO what fun it is to play with my Mom in the yard HEY!! ! !

Have a wonderful Friday ooooo Mom says my Human Aunt my stop by today tooo ooooo Doodles what fun it will be to see my Human AUNT

Love ya Willy BABE

mom, do I get to go too Door County also????

mom, do I get to go too Door County also????


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