Guess What ????!?!?!?!??!

I am soooo very happy last night nah we didn’t go for a walk MOM just wanted to veg huh MOM??? VEG what is up MOM?????/ That is so NOT like MY MOM, OH yes she did go to ZUMBA but . …. no walk for me ????? HUMMGRUMMMPH !

But what MOM did was she called up Bell to see if she could come over and she did she ran across the neighbors yard oooops thats okay They like Bell, Mom started a fire in the fire pit and ahhhhhh We ran just a little around the backyard not too MUCH Bell and I just wanted to HANG out with each other.

So Mom and Mrs. C sat by the fire and talked hmmmmmm and Bell and I just lounged and chatted a bit yes we played too ,

So today MOM says she is feeling a little bit better, she has gunk in her throat she said hmmmmmmm oh well gunk is gunk, tonight we should be able to walk yipppeeeeeee ! ! ! I sure do miss those leaf piles and we have to get them all before they get taken away !

So today Mom also said it is going to be very nice outside so I sure do hope that when Dad comes home I get to be out a little bit longer than normal oh yes The sun is going to shine gonna to shine all day long oh yes !! !

so everyone have a wonderful Whacky kind of a Wednesday the week is almost over oh doodles Oh Doodles lets give up a cheer for Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday lets give up a cheery cheer cheer wooof wooof Ruf Ruf

Love ya Willy BABE

Hmmmmmm what to do what to do

Hmmmmmm what to do what to do


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