Good Morning

OH My doodles what an exciting night last night was ! !! Well of course MOM and I were walking on down the street just looking and sniffing at every leaf pile I meet. mmmmmmm ahhhhhhhh Squirrel mmmmmm snifff snifff

Then all of a sudden a human and her pup were walking and Mom and I moved over to the other side of the street yeah sometimes those little dogs scare me can you believe ??? So as we were walking yes MOM has her light on and I have my light hanging on down from my collar all of a sudden RUFFFF RUFF WOOF WOOOF that dog starts barking at me very angirly what the DOOODLES guy I don’t even know you ! !

Mom and I kept on walking I looked back at the pooch but then just smiled at MOM and she said “Wilson some pups just like to voice there opinion!”

I know mom right I think it was jealous of my orange light around my neck. I smiled ! that Doodle smile for my MOM oh yes I did, then MOM’s phone went off and waaaa la it was JACK yeah yeah so she reads the message gives him a call back and WAAA LA we are walking so fast back home that I missed a few trees along the way.

next thing I know that computer is making that skype noise eeee aaaaeee a so who is on JACK yeah HI Jack and Liz then all of a sudden I got to see Liz’s two kids, My OH MY are they ever nice hmmmmmm I wonder wonder if they will play in the snow with me when they visit. ! ! Mom is very positive that they will. I sure hope they liked me ahhhhh I smiled at them. So that is my excitement for the night it was lovely LOVELY LOVELY

Mom says to night we will walk again but, I am pretty sure we will have to walk fast Cubs play tonight ! !

Have a wonderful doodley day

Love ya Willy BABE

Life is  doodley good

Life is doodley good


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