Happy Monday

Good Morning Good Morning the sun and is shinning and that wind is blowing all those leaves. oh my oh my its a wonderful day it is it is !!!

What a wonderful doodley doodle weekend it was ahhhhh I just love the leaves I sure do hmmmmmm Sniff Snifff thats what I like to do with those leave piles ahhhhhh Mom of course likes to jump in them but…….. I like to sniff snifff and okay maybe run through them too oh what the Doodles it is fun oh what fun it is for fall How I love to run!!

Even on Friday when MOM and I were outside, just doodling around the backyard Mocha Popped up looked over the fence to see what we were doing ahhhh come on over Mocha Mom said,
Mom opened up the FENCE and WAAAALA Mocha went running and running into our backyard so Me Mr. Sneaky sometimes I just went into her yard and ran and ran thats the way I like to do things sometimes being sneaky oh yes I can be !!! Sure when Mom and DAD think I am just resting in the kitchen after they have gotten done with breakfast and there is a napkin on the table well…… you can bet I will try to get it HA HA HA HA

Anyway Mocha and I had a little fun running around then MOM and I had to go in I was getting hungry oh sure I give mom that LOOK or I just refuse to do anything
Saturday was so much fun too OOOOOO I got groomed can you believe MOM didn’t tell me ! ! ! woooof wooooof but I got fluffy so I look cute not that I wasn’t cute MOM just likes me to smell ahhhhh FRESH ! !
We also got to go on a long long walk Saturday too ahhhhh the perfect weekend, with my MOM and DAD and yesterday MOM and I planted some bulbs played in the leaf piles we just had a doodle of a good time ! ! !

OOOo my guess what????!!?!?!? Mom says we have to look for a costume for me to wear on Halloween hmmmmmmm I think I could be a star wars character hmmmmmm Yes I am sure I can find some stuff in the house to wear ! ! I love dressing up !

Have a wonderful doodleful kind of a MONDAY I know I will snifff sniffffff those squirrels are all around my backyard ahhhhh

Love ya Willy BABE

Come on CUBS lets win on TUESDAY

I love FALL

I love FALL


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