OH MY OH MY is it only Wednesday today????? OOOOPS I was hopeful that it would be Thursday why not sure just because ! !

So last night I could see that my MOM was wavering on when too go for our walk, hmmmmmmm and do you want to know WHY???

Well let me tell you why, The Chicago Cubs were on TV and MOM just had to see the last inning oh sure she has time to go to ZUMBA but she told me she listened on the RADIO but , when it came time to walk me I HAD TO WAIT ! ! ! ! !

Yes can you believe that ONE???? Yep I waS SO excited that mom was home she rushed to change into walking jeans and Yes YES OK OK I am ready MOM WhaT??? Yep Ihad to WAAIT grummmmp grummmmmp Where was MOM Priorities Hmmmmmm OH well ! ! I waited but I kept smiling at MOM then all of a sudden she yells YES YES YES okay MOM settle down we are just t waking ! !

HA HA HA MOM is funny She said it has been a long time for Cub Fans “Mom I’m happy but I need my walk !'”

So we walked an Oh MY not many people were out walking hmmmmmmm sure it was a little cool but hey we walk in the winter time so whats wrong when the temp is 44???
I tell ya HUMANs mom and I had fun expect well my leash got trapped under my leg a little bit Mom fixed it so she thought then well I was walking slooooow MOM looked at me Wilson are you okay MOM” If i was I would be walkingfaster!” OOOOOppps Sorry big guy “yeah when MOM fixed my leash it still was trapped .

Then later on our walk my night light and I don’t know this happened got caught in my leg hmmmmmmm I blame it on the last tree I sniffed someone came moved my light. ha ha ha NO it was just a fluke mom said

Ahhhhh Finally got home and Mom and I relaxed ahhhhhhh

But this morning MOM found it pretty funny ha ha MOM well there is a pile of leaves right where I go out in the morning by my dooor, and I went around them , Well I do like walking in the leaves but those leaves this morning were cold ! ! !! So Mom brushed them aside for me Thank you MOM

Sure us doodles have some quirks don’t we.

Well I must get moving along singing my song because when we walk MOM said she wants to SING SING and SING hmmmmmm I hope not real loud MOM sings out of tune a LOT but don’t tell her I said so.

have a Wacky Wednesday today ! !

Love ya Willy BABE

Ahhhh the week is almost over   hmmmm

Ahhhh the week is almost over hmmmm


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