Goood Morning

Good Morning Gooood Morning it is a wonderful DAY Good Morning Good MORNING please clouds go away!

I tell ya with those clouds this morning I am not sure if the sun will shine so lets sing all together NOW

Let the SUN SHINE Let the SUN SHINE TODAy OOOO pLEASE let the sun shine for ME! and of course anyone else that likes that sunshine,

I got a surprise last night NO NOT A PUPPY but …… If you want to get me a doodle puppy I would be okay with that I miss having my playmate around.

OOO doodles well MOM came home from YOGA rushing like the wind and oh my DAD was home before her YEA can you believe that !

Well as it turns out DAD even put me me in the car too I got to to MY other GRANDPAS house last night to bring over a gift. I Haven’t been there in a long time so I got to sniff sniff around a lot and I got to taste some bread well of course I helped myself OOOOpppss oh doodles it s okay Dad wasn’t too happy but HEY a doodle has to do what a doodle does HUNT hmmmmmmm after I had the bread I was good yeah the food was cleaned up then I was me!

Mr Willy BABE Doodle Mom even took me for a short walk because I kept wanting to go outside so well……. I did thats the truth, I am glad MOm and Dad took me out last night It was nice Dad’s Aunt liked petting me and you know me I love to be papmered. ha ha ha

Oooops gotta get moving along there was something by the wood pile this morning that I just have to go and check it out !!

Have a splendid doodle day Doodle Day DOODLE DAy have a specatuclar doodle day dooodle all day LONG !!

GO CUBS heee heeee

Love ya Willy BABE

Leaves are  falling  OH YES !

Leaves are falling OH YES !


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