Happy Monday

OH What a Beautiful weekend oh What wonderful days let me tell you about my Best Friend She is full of energy likes to run and run and run Let me tell you about Maisy she never likes to rest just wants to go and go and go oh yes !

On Friday afternoon when Mom got home from work we went out onto the porch hmmmmmm OH yES thats Right ,Mom told me this morning that My Cousin was coming also that My Human sister Karen was too OH DOODLES so we waited and waited theN WAAAAAA LA Karen pulls up in the drive way MOM and I went right away to say I , I was sort of naughty I jumped up on the car Oooops a doodle sorry.

Then We went into the backyard and played and played and chewed are away to happiness ! ! ! ! !

Even at night time we ran and ran and ran OOOO that Miasy she likes my MOM and DAD’s wood pile she likes to dismantle it ooooooo boy ooooo boy,

I am not sure what she was trying to find, and I do not think she did.

HA HA then last night all kinds of leaves were falling down falling Down all the leaves are falling down lets play in them.
So MOM and Karen piled some leaves on my OH of course there are pictures Mom just has to upload them thats all ! ! !

My Maisy did not want to get covered in leaves I tried to tell its okay its FUN but , Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh she didn’t want to My mom tried and tried I even showed her hey its okay but NOPE NOPE NOPE !

Oh Doodles what you going to do what you going to do with a Maisy she is a cutie and I miss her too I kept looking at MOM this morning where is she??
OH of course I saw Maisy and Karen leave but what the doodle I just thought it was to go too the store sighhhhhhhhhhh.

So today I think is my rest day it was a busy weekend having so much fun then a backyard of doodles.

Love ya All

Have a great MONDAY

LOve ya Willy BABE

Just watching my cousin run and run and run

Just watching my cousin run and run and run


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