Well I tell you I just can’t believe my MOM yes MY MOM

Again she came home a little bit late last night and she had PUPPY SMELL on her jeans again ! ! !

OH MY Doodles what can I do about my MOM seeing other PUPPIES and then I could also tell that she got PUPPY KISSES<now I tell ya so I did what any other doodle would do in my case, I just snuggled more with my MOM and smiled all night long but then OH DOODLES I had to yep I let out a smelly one oh my oh my

MOM was like WILSON oh MY that stinks ha ha ha well mom …… I just wanted you to know that I need to meet these pups too !

But I forgave my mom even though we didn't WALK last night and it was a beautiful night too but …. we did go for a car ride so I guess but NAH that doesn't count because I like my evening walks so when Dad got home from Soccer I thought hmmmmmm I am going to make my MOM jealous, so
I just stayed by DAD to get my pets in and I SMILED and SMILED looked at my MOM see MOM See What I am doing and did I make her smile, oh my doodles.

But today is FRIDAY ahhhhhh I have not only my MOM and DAD home this weekend I have my HUMAN SISTER Karen and the AMAZING cousin of mine marvelous MAISY, oh boy oh boy she will keep me busy this weekend.

Yesterday was a very slow squirrel watch day but I think they will be back today the sun is shinning and they like my sun shinning yard so NO worries Doodle Buddies I will be watching those squirrels for all my pals in the neighborhood

Mr Wilson is on WATCH with my Doodle Eyes I'll be watching and woofing when I see those squirrels in MY YARD and shoo them off to yours


Have A Fantastic Fluffy FRIDAY It's okay but I think my MOM wants a PUPPY It's FRIDAY   CELEBRATE

Love YA Willy BABE


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