Good Morning

Well, this should be better this morning Mom is giving me MORE TIME oh YIPPPEPEPEPEEE DODLEY DEE
on the computer yes she is I am so excited my big furry paws can’t type fast enough !!
On Sunday MOM and I were figuring out what to do she had lots of errands so when she came home I looked at her with my big brown eyes

MOm ” I think its a good day for the PARK” hmmmmmmm Wilson you are so right, but she said NOT sure if a lot of pups will be there it’s okay MOM !

So awayyyyy we went and guess what WE HAD THE WHOLE PARK TO OURSELVES hmmmmmm Plenty of space to HIDE and SEEK, well, it was sort of easy to find MOM she was wearing her bright orange sweathshirt hoodie I just love that color ORANGE

We played and played MOM had me jumping over that fallen tree log I LOVE IT BUT,….. MOm says sometimes I sound like a gallopping horse, Hmmmmmm not to sure if I like that MOM how about a Happy GALLOPING DOODLE BUG Ahhhhh thats better !!

Afterwards we went HOME but NOPE NO Stopping for ice cream or anthing Grummmmph !

HA H HA in the morning on sunday MOM gave me my bone but would not let me outside with it well, …… I got her yes I DODLEY did, I get saying whinnnn, whinnnn , grummmph no Wilson not now MOM ! ! MOM Whinnnn Whinnnnn and I kept going to the door to ask then back and forth OKay this is getting a little crazy so all of a sudden I let out a HUGE we are talking DOODLE HUGE GRHUMMMMMP!

Mom let me outside Dad was funny he says ” I guess Wilson told you ” hA HA MOM smiled

Well have a great wonderful Terrfic Tuesday


HEY!  Mom do you see me??

HEY! Mom do you see me??


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