Friday Friday FRIDAY

Whooosh I never thought this day would get here IT IS FLUFFY FRIDAY EVERYONE so come on let’s shake SHAKE SHAKE shake you fluffy TAIL.

So let me tell you about my friends they just have NOT been outside lately come on everyone let’s shake rattle and roll around on the grass oh my doodles so many smells that we can get from the grass all we hae to do is run run run then come to a stop hmmmmm sniff sniff ahhhhh this is it this is IT
The spot drop roll and shake shake shake shake oh Doodles ahhhhhh now i have that wonderful smell on my back.

So last night mom came home and say wilson and she said it in a whisper I think she was testing my hearing well you KNOW sometimes I just don’t want to LISTEN thats the Doodle in me.

So as soon as she said outside and play Waalll LA off I got to get my Soccer Ball, YES we played soccer in the backyard just me n my MOM I was so HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY I ran and ran then we played HIDE N Seek, which I only thought we did at the dog park, but as soon as MOM kicked that ball off she went hmmmmmm

Now, if I were a HUMAN where oh Where would I hide where Oh Where could I go???? MOM OH MOM you are tricky but I see you by the TREE ! !

ha HA gottcha MOM !! !

We laughed Well, of course I laugh I smile I laugh then I just needed a belly rub so I dropped and waited waited Ruff Rufff MOM???? MOM I am over there come over please she was busy doing what I don’t know it w as dark outside !
Finally MOM yeah then she rubbed my belly ahhhhhhhhh ! ! !

So now you know why I am so happy to have a FRIDAY MOM and can play again tonight maybe just maybe we can have a few friends over??????

Have a wonderfully doodley day





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