Oh What a Doodleful morning I an having a doodle kind of a day, Plenty of Doodleness I can tell is gonna come my way

OOOOO doodleing is amazing Doodling is fun As long as my Humans don’t know what i have done ! ! !

OH YEAH I can feel it OH yes I can I can fell Myself just wanting to get into some kind of Doodlenss trouble.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm OH what oh “What can I do????

I know what I can do but if I say right now I might forget its called doodleness age oh dear OH DEAR>

Do you know what????? Mom came home late again but I sort of knew because she was gathering up her Yoga stuff in the morning so I sort of knew but, I didn’t realize that I would have to wait so lonnnnng for her to come home Nah just kidding .

As we walked last It was fun but oh my does my MOM like to walk fast when she is a little cold I guess she has to start wearing gloves at night , NOT me NO Doodlely NO I have a lot of fun fur on me but last night we didn’t run into any one hMmmmmm Not sure why maybe because it was Wednesday>

I am pretty confident tonight we will Hey My friend Julia hasn’t been around by her fence lately I even woofed for her too an NOTHING whinnnnn whinnnnnn

“but I did a very good Wooof Wooof last night or actually around 2 in the morning I heard a car so I just wanted that car to know it was Loud but I can be LOUDER haha ah

Have Have a sunshiny kinda day

love ya Willy BABE

Smile it's THURSDAY

Smile it’s THURSDAY


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