Good Morning

Helloo Helloooo how are you today Helloo Helloo I just feel like doodling around today !

Yep I do I just feel like I can do anything I am DOODLE I am Fluffy I ammmmm A DOODLE with Noodles !!Ha HA HA I can tell I Have energy this morning I sure hope that we can go for a walk tonight otherwise I just might have to resort to doodleing around a LOT

See Mom was gone this weekend oh sure Dad and I walked and all but on Sunday when Mom came home at night MY HuMans wanted to sit outside and look at the MOON>

Soooo NO walk for this Doodle, the moon hmmmmmm I see the Moon all the time and never NEVER have my Humans sat outside with ME ! NOPE NOPE this was a special MOON I guess because MR> B Abbeys Dad shouted to MY MOM something about the Chicago BEARS hmmmmm Mom told me to cover my flappy ears !

Anyway Mom and dad put the cushions on the chairs and a neighbor came by Mom was taking pictures it all was pretty cool.

Because One time all of us PUPS were woofing woof woooof it was Doodleyawesome!!

So last night we could not walk because MOM had to get me food Yep I was on LOW so that would not of been good for this morning nope nope NOT AT ALL

But today or tonight mom says we are walking walking on down the street maybe just maybe I can see that new pup Hmmmmmmmmm just maybe !!

So have a doodley fun Tuesday everyone ! !

Love ya Willy BABE

I am going to like the cool weather

I am going to like the cool weather


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