Happy Happy FRIDAY


My MOM hugged a PUPPY yesterday OH YES OHHHHH YES she did

She came into the house and I was like Sniff Snifff snifff MOM ???? MOM??? say it isn’t true sniff smifff you held a PUPPY !
I can tell you did oh MOM how could you and I wasn’t even with you to make sure that little guy was safe.

OH doodles OOOOO Doodles what am I going to do with My MOM hugging and holding a strange puppy,oh sure it lives on our block but, I should of been with my MOM when she did that. MOM says he is a Portugiez Water Dog and very cute at 8 weeks old, and she also said that I will meet the little one very soon.

Whooosh that is good for awhile there I thought OOOO just a silly thought that we were getting me a little toy to play with OH sure if I had a new PUPPY I would teach it all kinds of things like how to catch a bunny how to Woof woooof to all the neighborhood dogs not early in the morning of course !


Gotta get moving along I sure hope MOM does not come home with that puppy smell again sniffff snifffffff

Yes I would like a new puppy ! Please can I get one???

Love ya
Willy BABE

I was once small, mmmmmm another puppy please????

I was once small, mmmmmm another puppy please????


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