Good Morning

OH MY OH MY Doodles what a wonderful THursday this will be the sun is shinning and MOM says that tonight we will go for a nice long walk again, and maybe just maybe I will see my little Girlfriend Maisy MAY

ooOO Booooy was I ever excited to see Maisy last night we were coming home from our walk and I was going on up the street just struting my stuff so everyone can see then who do I see strutting her stuff my little GIRL Maisy ahhhhh that girl just makes me want to wag my tail ! ! !

We have been buddies since we were puppies and last night she was walking with her humans and MY Mom loves to chat so Maisy and I just sniffed and watched over our humans as they talked in the dark, uhhhhhh Humans Its getting a little dark and we see a car you guy should really move over.

AHHHH and then they wonder what we are staring at well we will never TELL>

I gave Mr. O a kiss last night then Maisy had to kiss her Dad too OOOOOO boy I was just hopeful for some treats oh well thats okay.

Now tonight not really sure how far we will go Mom just wanted to walk and walk and walk last night I think she had a really crazy school day.
I can tell they way we walk,, ok ok ok MOM slow downnnn just a little I have some trees to sniff, sniff, and she slowed just a bit !


Well I just should me doodling along singing a song I need to practice MOM and me we like to sing on our walks Yes WE DO!

Have a wonderful DOODLEY DAY

Willy BABE

I like to DOODLE DO YOU???

I like to DOODLE DO YOU???


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