Well oh Well it is a Whacky WEDNESDAY oh Dear or Doodles what should I do??

Why so Whacky well my friend Rocky the Squirrel he came right up to MY DECK to say hi this morning and he has never done that I think the just wants me to chase him around well I really can’t MOM won’t let me grummmmp grummmmmpOH MY O MY Doodles MOM said I can have my bone this morning but I can’t go outside with it NOW that is WHACKY she has been letting me outside with it hmmmmmmmm maybe because its getting late ! ! !!

OOOo last night we took a walk and I had my orange colar on that blinks but MOM did not have it blinking nah just normal that will be good.

Well OKay MOM but I do like blinking lights AHHHHHHH for Wednesday

OH MY OH MY Mom has to go to work I

Can't I just stay outside this morning????

Can’t I just stay outside this morning????

see MOM and I should not of gone outside so early in the Morning I am running out of time this morning !@

Doodles Doodles Doodles I will just have to balance out my time a little better in the mornings

HEY enjoy Wednesday because just because

Love ya Willy BABE


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