Good Morning

Oh My Doodles do you realize that it is sooo very hard on some Mornings just to wag your tail??? But all I have to do is see My MOM and Dad then Wag Wagga Wagga goes my fluffy tail !!

Monday was yesterday and oh boy it was hard just getting my Doodleness together if you know what I mean, oh gheez Monday so glad that day is over !

All weekend long I just had fun fun fun all that a doodle can, ANDDDDDDD On Saturday night Mom and some of my friends come over and we had a fire in the backyard oh of course it was in that thing my humans have it was fun, but for some reason when they left MOM just wanted to sit outside and enjoy the night so even though I was a just a little bit doodly tired I stayed outside with MOM >

Hey guess what its that time again for the flashlight to come out yep and I have a little one MOM brought me a new light but she has to charge it up Yipppeee Doodley Doo I like to glow in the night time, but MOM and MY only complaint some people when they walk don’t have a flashlight so I have to be on guard a little more than normal.

I so like making sure that MOM and me have fun on our walk, plus last night the kids on the corner were outside so I got lots and LOTS of pets , mom said that tonight when we walk we will bring a treat for ME of course the little girl likes to give me treats ! ! ! !

Well must get moving along waggin my tail and just watching the day go by

Have an awesome DoodleDay
Love ya

Willy BABE

Moms gotta upload more recent pictures of ME !

Moms gotta upload more recent pictures of ME !


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