Oh MY How can this be FRIDAY when the sun is not even shinning outside it is gloomy out now so I am not sure if I am going to like this friday day

OOOo and can you believe this Mom was at a friends house last night so it was just me and MY DAD at home So I was waiting and waiting ever so paitienly waiting for my Dad to say OKAY WILL let’s go ! But …… nope nope NOPE so I just did what a doodle has to do to get my Dads attention,

Yep thats right I just plopped right down by him with a big HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA and that was not laughter coming from me ! ! !

Yes I know Dad had to do some work I know I know but MOM and I always go at night time OH doodles then I saw MOM pull into the drive way OH OH OH MOM MOM MOM

DAD DIDN”T TAKE ME FOR A WALK and I have so much energy So MOM>…… she hugged me and Petted me and made me fell oh so much better, and she told me that tonight after work we would go for our walk YEA YEAH MOM !

OOOOo and yesterday MOM took me to the vet to check on those fatty tissue bumps I have and I AM AOKAY hee he Plus the VET tech had to do a project and asked MOM if I ever saw fish OH DOODLES now is my chance see they vet has some fish in front of the building and I was thinking ooooo Doodles I can go inthe water to PLAY?????
NOOOOOOOO It was for a picture by the fish tank that was okay the picture well of course it turned out and for those fish outside well maybe another day ! !

Well gotta get moving along on this Gloomy Friday MORNING I will be watching you with my Doodles eyes today Mr. Rocky Squirrell !!!!!

Have a great Doodle DAY

Love ya Willy BABE

resting up for my Big walk tonight

resting up for my Big walk tonight


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