Good Morning


There I have my doodle vocal chords all ready to sing a song sing a Doodle Song Sing Sing Sing I just feel like singing singing all day long, oh yeah OH what a feeling what a wonderful doodle day plenty of sunshine that I can watch the squirrels play all day long OH Yeah OH what a sight to see those little ones playing on my lawn

Yes and Rocky the squirrel well he was on the FRONT porch yesterday when My MOM came home from Yoga Yep Yep Yep that is why I was Woof WOOOOFING because of Rocky then as Mom was making dinner there he was in the BACKYARD I think he wanted to play but everytime I go outside to play with him he runs UP a tree !!

Yeah all I want a do is have some fun come on rocky lets play together but NOOOOO he goes up that tree then he screeches at me !

Last night Mom did ones of those lets go for a short walk hmmmmmm Mom oh MOM her short walks go for miles I am so happy because then we get to meet pups on our walk, ooooo we haven’t seen that Irish Wolfhound again but I am sure we will !!!

Now today Is going to be a relaxing kind of day of well….. If my buddies come around then that will be And did you know that the geese fly at night and MOM oh MY DOODLEY MOM always stops me and tells me too look up Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Have a lovely day

Love ya Willy BABE

My flowers are still bloomin

My flowers are still bloomin


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