Happy Monday

Good Morning Good Morning it is MONDAY oh yes OH Yes It is time for the week to begin !!

Oh My What a busy weekend we had busy for us doodles that is, I got groomed Mom said I needed it very badly hmmmmm so my hair was a little doodled tussled I thought it look rather cool ,….. but oh my MOM booked me anyway ! I must say that I do like being just a little bit shorter yes I do I feel MORE ALIVE like a Doodle should

I feel Like I could run and run so I did when I got home I ran and ran all around the backyard AHhhhhh then I found that perfect OH Yes that perfect spot that I could Plop on my back and Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh scratch my back away !

Mom and Dad Like to take me for car rides and they came rushing into the house then Waaaaa LA away we went Where oh where Just for a ride it was great !!

then yesterday was just a lazy kinda doodle day ! but later on in the afternoon MOM and I took a loooonnnnng walk it was very wonderful because I was able to go sooo far and not pant Love LOVE LOVE this doodle weather it is the BEST ! !

Today I have to just watch for those geese they been flying over my house so I just have to keep looking out my window to see where they land !

So have a great Doodley kinda day

Love ya Willy B”ABE

Lovin the cool days

Lovin the cool days


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