Good Day

Hello Hellooooooo

Well yesterday I did miss my MOM whinnnnnnnnn whinnnnnnnnn but Rocky my friend that is a squirrel kept me in laughter

He even came up on my deck to say HI ! ! ! ! Yea I slept a bit then just kept watch on my neighborhood. And can you believe it not much was going on !

But all of a sudden who pulls into the Driveway MOM MOM MOM she came into the house with a smile just for me !!

Then she SAYS “See I told you I would not be too long!” I tell you it felt long for me ! ! ! But it’s okay because it is so humid out My furry hair was starting to curl and oh my doodles that is just not GOOD!

Mom, did take me for a short walk and this time it was short, oh doodles I was surprised because normally when she says to Dad we are going for a short walk its normally 3 miles or longer HA HA HA But oh my this time she really did it ! ! ! ! Thanks MOM because my tongue was almost hanging out ! And we can’t let that happen !
This morning is was so humid and normally I really like being outside a little longer but I went out did what I have to do you know check on Julia peek my head into her yard check on Mocha But this morning I came in pretty fast !

So have a great Doodle Day !!! !
Love ya Willy BABE

Just realaxin

Just realaxin


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