Good Morning

Well, this is IT ! ! ! Today is the day MOM is with the Kiddos! ! ! She is smilin but I am a little sad whinnnnn whinnnn

Who will walk me in the morning? What will I do all day long??? Whinnnn Whinnnnnn I don’t have my Daisy to sing to me, Oh sure I have my squirrels that keep me laughing as they walk on top of the fence but, really I will just be myself and look out the window looking for birds looking for MOM??? MOM????

Oh yeah thats right MOM I will get through this day and I’ll be waiting for you with my tail waggin as you walk through the door , and DON”T you worry about me I am a doodle I know how to keep myself busy Dad will come home and I will make sure he gives me my treat, then I will just make sure the couch is kept warm by me ! !

Soo Woooof Woof Wooof Have a fantastic first day of school MOM and even though you will be gone it is only for a little while .

But, you know MOM if I had a little puppy to keep me busy we would have lots of FUN JUST SAYIN

Love ya Willy BABE

Happy First Day  MOM

Happy First Day MOM


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