Good Morning

OOOOOO my OOOOO MY its MONDAY already well it just seems likes yesterday it was SUNDAY oh Doodles thats how it works OH WELL.

But this was the weekend that MOM and I had some quality time, Friday you know wasn’t the best weather wise but we had fun I am getting those Seasonal Allergies again and MOM wanted to get a good start so we went and got my Med. then a puppy latte then and THEN we went all the way to APPLETON Dog Park to play and play and play oh doodles I was so very surprised by this happy day

When we were there we saw all kinds of pups and this little retriever who was 9 months old followed me all around the big yard it was fun It was like I was the BIG Brother *(hint Hint) I think I could be a big brother to a PUP Just SAYING

Then on Saturday well, I really felt like I was being ingnored YEAH can you inmagine that IGNORED well MOM was cleaning that basement we have and I don’t go down there I just don’t like those stairs well >>>>>> Hmmmmmm she waS DOWN THERE ALL DAy LONG YEAH WHAT THE DOODLES OH WELL

We did go for a great long walk on Saturday so that was good,

And yesterday we went to Depere Dog Park the went to watch dad reff soccer and can you believe this there was another DOODLE there and its name was TREVOR oh my doodles he was what and Mom thought he was CUTE really MOM cute oh well I guess he can be cute, I got to share his water, OH yes mOM gave me water after the park. I had fun with this other guy because we both got petted and our MOM”s were comparing doodles really !

MOM she is such a doodle MOM

OOO before I forget On Friday or was it Saturday OH Doodles it doesn’t matter well Dad was reading that the Super MOON was out so MOM and DAD went OUTSIDE on the front PORCH to LOOK at the MOON WITHOUT TAKING ME !! ! Yes ! All of sudden they were gone What the doodles ?????Q!!! So I had to peak out the window MOM I could see her giggling as she saw me looking out the window OH MY Goodoodleness YOU FORGOT ME !

So Mom took my out back too see the MOON oh My was it ever huge ! !

Hey I gotta get moving along singing my Doodle song ! Mom also has to go to work later on this morning too !

Love ya Willy BABE

Ahhhh I just love hanging around

Ahhhh I just love hanging around


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