Happy Happy Friday

I love the SAND

I love the SAND

Hi I just want to say that I am sooooo very HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY that today is FRIDAY I don’t know why I just am I have a doodle smile on my face and a wag in my fluffy tail Life is just wonderfuldodley good !

Mom was home for most of the day yesterday and we took a walk and some fun in the backyard it was great then all of a sudden she changes clothes I was just sitting so nicely on my sofa in my spot with my paws crossed against my favorite pillow and then MOM comes down stairs WHAT????WHAT???? What is going ON???

Hmmmmm I just gave her that look ! Where are you going so late in that afternoon????
And I could tell I was not going HUMMMMPH ! Then she told me oh sure ! ! Yep MOM had to go to school in the afternoon to see the kiddos it was a open house and I Mr. Wonderful WILSON was not INVITED HUH Yep I wasn’t Hard to believe right????

But, she said We will go for a nice long walk when I get back home and BOY OH Doodles did we ever go for a nice walk and it was the opposite of the way we normally go ! !
Yes I was confused remember those Noodles in my BRAIN well they were working ! ! ! So this was strange we walked down a street we normally go on when we do this route all of a sudden I STOPPED STOPPED right in the middle of our walk and there wasn’t even another pup around But this HUGE I mean HUGE silver thing in a driveway MOM told me later it was a trailer. I didn’t want to walk by NIOPE NOPE NOPE Mom tried and tried I would not BUDGE NO MOM I have NO Idea what that is.

So MOM coaxed me and coaxed me so I walked by but not without checking it out very verrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy carefully.

OH Doodles so Today not so sure what we are doing today but I know this IS MOMS last FRIDAY so it should be fun RIGHT???/ YES IT SHOULD !

Have a great FRIDAY



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