Good Morning

Hello Hello Hey kids all is good ! !

Mom is back to work sooooo On Tuesday she had to go to work and then yesterday too. Yeah I know it was National Dog day and she had to work, why isn’t that a Holiday for all ????? Well I got a big surprise because MOM came home early and in fact the same time Dad did for lunch, I just didn’t know who to go too first I went to MOM I was just sooooo doodley happy. Dad was okay with that!

I was so confused because on Tuesday she didn’t get home until at least 5 she had errands to do Ummmmm MOM you had all summer to do errands, she was gone all day then she had do do errands sometimes I will just never understand ! But that is okay because she gave me the biggest hug and smile when she got home I forgave her !! We also went for a long walk and I got to sniff any ANY tree I wanted to also ! Super Cool

But, when she got up early yesterday I was like what the doodles MOM ??? AGAIN you have to go back, I just knew because she got that look in her eyes “Yep Willy BABE! Its that time again” Hummmmmph! ! ! !

I knew it I knew it also those geese are flying over my house again ! so I can tell.

Now today she just has to work in the afternoon so after YOGA Yeah she is going to go to YOGA we will walk and have fun

OOOO for National Dog Day yesterday we went to the park and played Hide n seek it was so much fun. OOOOO Yeah my furry paw it came out Well, I didn’t mean it to It just happened MOM yelled my Name and I ran right back to her Whoooosh ! I was lucky

Last night a few little ones asked MOM what I like to do/ Ha ha HA MOM said Wilson likes to be Petted, Petted and Hugged, he likes waLKS, , He likes ICE CREAM, Puppy Lattes, and he likes to be part of the family like always Ahhhh MOM almost forgot one more TREATS Wilson LOVES TREATS !!

Ahhhhhhh MOM makes me blush ! Then we also met a little boy from South CAROLINA and he petted me alot he missed his PUP so I just let him pet me scratch my head oh YEAH It Was the Perfect Doodle NIGHT

Love ya Willy BABE

Life is Doodley GOOD

Life is Doodley GOOD


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