Well, my doodle pals it is time to say Good Bye To the summer, Oh doodle pals we have fun but now its time for Mom to go back to work, Oh don’t you worry at all for me because we have had fun this summer ! ! ! ! Puppy Lattes, going to the park this SUmmer , and Lets not forget about the Beach with My cousin Maisy ! ! ! ! ! !

OOOOO and there was that time I tried to seak into that store in Door County well, wouldn’t you that smell of Chocolate Yummmmmmmm Lunch In Fish Creek was also much fun But Now we must end our vacation I gee I am a little sad, but don’t worry about me because Mom and Dad will still do stuff with me.

This was the last weekend we had for the summer, oh ghee come on I know it is a little sad but those little kids mom works with need to get back to school and MOM loves those kids so – even if she wont’ admit it I think she is extra happy. Meeeeeee well I can rest a little bit more sometimes it was hard to see what we were doing every day, But we always had fum.

Over the weekend we went to a soccer game and these little kids came by MOM and we talked and I got pets, hmmmmmm I think that is why mom is sort of okay with going back to work those little kids made her feel Yep I am almost ready.
Yesterday we walked to Zestys and I got my Ice cream and then we watched Dad ref a game in DePere oh what fun it was to watch those girls kick that ball,
but the ball rolled by me and I was able to almost get it, a soccer player came by me and got instead OH DOODLES I WAS DENIED !! !

The best part of the weekend is that MOM and I just spend me time ! Ahhhh and the weather was a little cooler so I was able to be out on the deck and just enjoy the wind blowing my furry hair.

Well I must get going and get rest before we take our last morning walk today ! OOOO don’t you worry your little doodlness Mom and I still will walk and do things and I know we will have great adventures It’s just that well. . . ….. I will miss my Mom when she goes off to work TOMORROW ! ! !

Love ya Willy BABE

The summer sunset     Ahhhhhh

The summer sunset


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