Friday ahhhhhhhhhh

Fluffy fluffy Friday FRIDAY it is fluffy FRIDAY that makes me want to wag my tail WAG my TAIL wag my Tail it is FRIDAY a Very Fluffy kinda day !

YEAH I know I know I just love Friday and today will be a special day because well, MOM says we are going to get to go walking today this MORNING
Yes and we haven’t really done that in a while because of the rain or it is so HUMID and HOT that MOM said my Fluffy FUR would unravel.

So today MOM says after YOGA yea she has YOGA today and from what she says it is a Orange day at YOGA whatever MOM Just when you go back LETS GO LETS go for our walk,

Okay Okay so yesterday we had the furnance guy come over and all he did was talk talk talk I could tell mom was like OKAY Okay thank you oh mom I kept nudging MOM to pay attention to me too !! and she did

OOOO and Mom doesn’t have any lunch dates today so….. I think we are going to go out for lunch yep to Zestys after our morning walk hmmmmm I wonder how early they are open??????

We also have to make a run to the park oh my doodles we are just going to have a fun packed kinda day !

It is so much fun being a doodle MOM says lets go for a car ride and off we GO ! Never know exactly where we are off to bUT oh doodles it is fun!

Have a fandoodle kinda day !
Love ya Willy BABE

Me n MOM having a fun Summer together

Me n MOM having a fun Summer together


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