Good Morning


I do know that some humans do not like this chilly weather this morning but Let me tell you that his Doodle Mr. Wilson LOVES LOVES the coolness of this morning ahhhhhhhh

See all that fluffy fur I have ahhhhh sometimes I just get hot

So yesterday morning after we could not go out for a walk because of that RAIN ! ! grrrrrrrrrrrr but . .. Mom and I went to my favorite store and I got TWO TWO new toys and a brand new Squeeky Blue BALl So mom says I can still have fun with a new one OH YEAH OH YEAH So . . .. yesterday it was squeeky squeeky so much I do what I always do with a squeeky toy I took out the squeeker Doodley Stranage right????

Then the guy at the store gave me two treats because I am a big GUY oH OH OH I liked this guy.

Then all of a sudden we go home and mom and I are outside OOOO Doodles That wind just started blowing my fur all around Iwas just a complete Doodle Mess.
OOOoo then Mom leaves oh my oh MY ! !

She did tell me about today she has another “LUNCH” with friends then we will have Doodle time ! heeee heeee I just love making my MOM feel guilty.

Last night we were able to walk and walk oooooo YES ! ! Oh What fun it was to Walk On a cool breezy night ! !
and as we were walking on home a little girl came by and her dad asked if she could pet me and I smiled at MOM sure she said

Then out of the blue this little girl asked my MOM if she has kids Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Mom said yes but I am her little fur baby “Ahhh MOM < if you haven't noticed lately I am BIG " ha ha ha MOM just smiled at me she knew what I was thinking !

What a day it was but my summer days are dwindling down with MOM . . .. whinnnnnn whinnnnnmper whinnnnnnnnnnn

But NO worries there is still time for my Puppy Lattes

Love ya Willy BABE ahhhhh the last days of summer vacation


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