Well. . .. Well . . .. Mom and I tried we really did try ! !

She just got back from her Core Yoga class and it was raining can you believe that???/ Yea RAIN who would of thought that for the last few days it has been raining Raining RAINING ! ! !

So today is the very first day of the week that she isn’t leaving right away to go somewhere YES YES YES ! ! So MOM and I thought lets try to get a walk in even if it was a little one, we got ready I started to do some sniffing by our tree then drip drip DRIP DRIP DRIP oh Doodles, but the sun was also Shinning OH OH OH< so My MOM and I went to our porch and waited for a few seconds hmmmmmmmm it stopped so we tried again and the DRIP DROP DRIP DROP DROP DROP OH Doodles we looked at the sky Mom says "Sorry Willy BABE" oh Mom thats okay maybe we can go shopping instead Hmmmmmm "Good Idea I don't have lunch until late today!"

OH yes so we are going to go to my favorite store OH DODOLES It will be fun ! oh SURE i WOULD OF loVED A MORNING WALK We haven't walked in the morning in awhile because it has been very HOT and that is NOt good for this big guy ! ! then the rain and then MOM was leaving right away for her lunch times with friends, OH OH OH I have been second fiddle that is Doddle fiddle oh doodles what can you do !

Last night after dinner mom went up stairs hmmmmmmm MOM MOM what are your doing AHHHH HA you got your socks yea yea yea we area walking oh it was a little walk, but we stopped at Bell's house to see if she would like to go and she said YES !

So Bell went with us oh I was such a happy guy to see my little girl, She doesn't get out as much as I do see she gets sick in the car UGH ! I know Right?

Hey MOM is almost ready to go shopping so. . . … I will talk with you all later and I do think we will look for a new squeeky ball, seeing that I lost mine in the water on Sunday ! Actually I did that on purpose so I can get a new one ha ha ha no I didn't it just happened.

Have a doodle day,

Love ya Willy BABE I am going to try not too lose another  squeaky ball


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