Good Morning

HI I am soooo much to say well let me just start out by saying whinnnnnn whinnnnnnn A week from today MOM MOM has to go back to …..

NO NOOOOooooooooooooo I just can’t say that word NOPE NOPE

So Saturday afternoon oh my doodles it was so hot and Muggy outside I overheard MOM and Dad talking about . . .. going somewhere by WATER !

Yippppeee Doodley Dee the water For them and ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So we drove all the way to a place called Algoma oh my doodles Mom brought water for me some treats and my dinner oh doodles when I saw her packing all that up I knew I knew that ohhhhh we are in for a GoodDay Doodles are going to have a Good Good DAY ! We wasted no doodle time to find the water some shade and guess what there was music and people oh yeah! !

I got petted and petted and talked about and even the band guy mom says he was a drummer they call him, Shouted out to MOM “Hey, I like your dog!”
Mom smiled and said Thank you! But all kinds of people came up to me even these little ones smiled. oh Man
And we left that place went to another, then quickly came home ate then OFF again to see a sunset OH NO OH NO that only means one thing when I get to go that that summer vacation time is almost over hummmmmmmph !

On Sunday it was the best too Mom looked at the paper an saw that a park with a lake was open for PUPS NO Humans I smiled when MOM told me, we quickly got ready BUt. . . . Mom was so excited she forgot my blue squeeky ball. Luckily we were not too far away we turned around of course I was happy because when MOM told me she forgot it I gave her the look ‘MOM we have to go back” We did.

OOOOOooooOOOOO what fun What Fun it was on Sunday , as soon as I got in the beach area I ran and ran mom got the Ball out of the bag and tossed it in the water I swam and swam and got it ! ! OH yEAH i AM GOOD SO gOOD sOO gOOD jUST LIKE A GOOD dOODLE SHOULD.

Mom tossed the ball and I would swimm, but Mom I thought she would carry my squeeky ball after I dropped, NOPE she didn’t, she said Wilson go get your BaLL, Ahhhh MOM seriously you want me to Pick up that sandy ucky ball? YES she said, OKay I will.
So I did.

But I got a little sad Mom tossed it later in the afternoon a lot of other pups came in at the same time, and kicked up the muck from the bottom of the lake and WhinnnnnnWhinnnnnnn MOM???? MOM?????/ I can’t find it I can’t find my Ball,

I stood and stood right at the spot tried to look to see but no. . . . .. whinnnnnnnnnnnnnnn whinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Mom even came in the water to look NO she didn’t dive into the water Humans were not allowed. .,.,… Some man even helped MOM but NOOOoooooooooooooooooo

I don’t have my favorite ball any more I was soooooooo very sad……….

But I had fun until I lost my favorite favorite blue Squeeky ball. . . ….

I think we will shop for a new one today.

Have a great Tuesday

Love ya Willy BABE

I had so much fun until   I lost my favorite toy

I had so much fun until
I lost my favorite toy


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