It’s Friday It’s Friday lets do a little dance It’s Friday It’s Friday let’s just dance dance dance !

So This Friday I am going to take a huge dive into WATER Nah I am not are you kidding me Really Doodles It is even too humid for me to go outside do you even KNOW what this humidity will do too my curly hair, Well I just might end up looking like a big Giant “CURL”

ha ha ha now that would be funny ! Yesterday MOM and I sort of just chilled out all day LONG ! she made some rib sauce and some ribs for dinner, so we had to stick around the house, hmmmmmmmm oh doodles the kitchen smelled soooooo doodliciously good !

Oh sure I wanted to do some errands with my mom but she just wanted to read YEAH READ oh doodles there was so much we could of done yesterday but there is always today, And it is suppose to be very humid so I know that MOM will go to ZESTYS we will drive can’t walk in this weather well, we could but I would drip with humidness, can you just inmagine a doodle with straight hair oh doodles not fun at all.

Last night I went outside and all of a sudden I saw Peter the Rabbit oh my oh my I just want to play thats all but it hopped away come one I am fun ! !

So I looked and looked for that bunny nothing Doodles ! But. ….. I did peek my head into Julias yard and saw my Julia I just love doing that looking for her saying hi then we are off ha ha ha ha .

I am not allowed to say this but…… next week I think is MOM’s last week of summer vacay yeah I looked on the calendar and all I saw was lunch dates and lunch dates so . . . . That means only one thing My time is short what will I do ??????? hmmmmmmmmm

OOOO I can’t worry about that because today is going to be a Zesty’s kind of day Wednesday was Puppy Latte Date hmmmmmnm Life is good for this doodle guy !

Love ya Willy BABE

Ahhh Morning   Sunshine  LOVE IT

Ahhh Morning
Sunshine LOVE IT


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