OH MY OH doodles I tricked my MOM yesterday oh YES I did ! !

It’s pretty easy, See yesterday after my MOM came back from Yoga class we went for our walk it was cool outside so we did our morning route, Whinnnn Whinnnnnn I just realized we won’t be going for our monrning walks much longer whinnnn whinnn OH DOODLES Thats okay really it is NO NO NO that means oh my doodles I can’t think about that!

So as we were walking on down our street our neighbor was outside so MOM and HIM talked for which seemed like FOREVER ! ! ! !

But we then we got going along singing a song down the street NO not really but I thought that rhymed so there doodle doodle dooodle

we had a very nice walk looking a flowers seeing kids out early in the morning ahhhhhhh it was a short walk because I was starting to get warm.

I helped my MOM out in the garden yesterday making sure she got all those ugly weeds, but . . .. I started to get hot so I went over to the patio and started to kick back some dirt.. OOOOOO MOM was smart she realized I wasn’t near by “wilson” “WILSON” so I gallop by mom Right here MOM with My doodle smile.

but. . . . after lunch when we went back outside and she was near the fence UH OH I got busted but , not right away she was talking with Dad, hmmmmm maybe Just Maybe MOM won’t see my dirt mess. So I distracted her and went by the wood chips “WIlson” NO thats not where you should dig “NO” Mom, but where??

so MOM showed me AH HA see she didn’t see my dirt pile yet If ONLY IF ONLY I could get that broom. OOOOOOO she started to look “WILSON” Doodles she saw my mess, MoM is funny she tries to be stern but I just look at her Like I didn’t do anything wrong!! ! and then she smiles.

See I have a part in the garden thats just for me to dig but why OH WHY should I go into a spot that is designated WIlsons digging area when there is a completly good spot by the house or by the fence when MOM isn’t looking HUH why ???

OOOO doodles !

Now today it is suppose to be humid out which will not be good for my furry body, so I think we will be doing things in the house or…… My favorite store or Starbucks or Zestys hmmmmmmm so many choices to make ! ! !

Have a fantastic Doodle day

Love ya Willy BABE

I can be sneaky  watch out

I can be sneaky watch out


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