Wednesday oh my Wednesday thats all

Ha ha ha I bet you thought I was just going to say WEDNESDAY nah NOT Mr. Doodleness himself.

Well, we didn’t go for a morning walk after Yoga MOM went right to CLEANING UGH ! I looked at MOM really HUMMMH!

So I just kept a very careful eye on MOM, then when a certain time came Well Of course you ask I know how to tell time, because when Dad comes home for lunch I get a treat hmmmmmmmmm must be close because all of a sudden MOM says Almost done, well, its’ about time I have been waiting and waiting then POOF POOF

Away she goes up stairs but not before she whispers those words to me “want to go for a walk?” Hmmmmm WHAT WHat did you Say???? WALK NOO NO NO Wilson I said “PARK” ahhhhhh thats better MOM YES YES I do so away we went!

I was sort of sad no puppies there but you know what??? MOM and I played HIDE and SEEK ! Yes I ran and ran mom even taped me Silly Doodle MOM !

Did you know she always has that camera near by Well she does.

OOOOO and afterwards YES we went to Get my puppy latte ahhhhhhhh

Last night we took a walk oh my doodles so my pets last night and we talked and talked to someone that wanted to know all about me I SMILED

OOOPs gotta get moving along MOM says something about today is working outside hmmmmmmm not sure if I like that Idea oh well I can always convince MOM to do other stuff.

have a Doodle terrfic day

Love ya Willy BABE

My Doodle SMILE for ALL

My Doodle SMILE for ALL


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