My Mom and I had such a very lazy doodle kind of a day it was GREAT! ! ! !

Well, see MOM and DAD went to go see my Aunt JUDY get married to my UNCLE MARK oh doodles yes I know I asked YEP I did ask if I could go !

bUT BECAUASE mom WOULD BE BUSY AND WOULD NOT HAVE TIME FOR ME I think she forgot that I am almost human too not JUST a DOODLE oh WEll, thats okay,

So I got to go on a little VACAY ! Did I have fun YOU bet your doodles I did !

But the best fun I had was when MOM came to pick me up on sunday I was right up in front of area I saw someone peek in hmmmmm MOM??? MOM???? MOM! ! !
Woof Wooof let me out LET ME OUT wooof WEOOOF

I jumped up turned around in the kennel and the girl let me out she didn’t even hold my leash she just let me go (No one else was in the lobby)

MOM ! mom ! mom!!a I jumped up on to MOM”S shoulders and went in circle wagged my fluffy tail oooo Doodles MOM !

then when I got home DAD was there ahhhghh MOM and DAD are home and ME ! ahhhhhh

So yesterday MOM and I were lazy all day lomg ! ! it was Doodle Terrfic, but last night on our walk well, YES I had to get out of the house, I did, so we went walking up the street I was waggin hopeful that I would see BELL or MAISY NOTHING NOTHING No one was out that was okay because as we turned the corner all KINDS OF pups were out walking I didn’t know them but what the DOODLES there they were ahhhhhhh! ! ! !

I think everyone was gone for the weekend too ! OOOOOo Mom says that Bob was there with MONA , Jack was there with LIZ and Karen was there with JOSH
The whole family well almost Me I was a doodle being missed.

So today MOM says we have to clean just a bit well, that is good because I feel like we need to still do some ice Cream because time is running out ! ! !

Well I must be doodling along singing a song

Have a Doodley FANTdoodle day

Love ya Willy BABE

This is my new UNCLE ! !  !

This is my new UNCLE ! ! !


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