Helllooooooooooo Thursday

Good MOrning Good Morning ! !

I am feeling fine Good Morning Good Morning I love these very cool mornings ! ! ! !

But with those cool mornings I think I really do sometimes think that well . . . I am not allowed to say that SC…l word because MOM and I are having way to much fun this Summer and well . . .. I still know that MOM has money left on that Starbucks card for some Puppy Lattes !

OOOps yesterday I know I just got so distracted with other stuff that I had to finishing my writing later and I didn’t even post a cute picture of me !

But I tell you what today I will post a very cute one

My Mom thinks she is so very doodley funny ha ha ha so she was making cookies in the kitchen I looked at the time hmmmmmm we haven’t done our afternoon errands yets so I went outside just to keep tabs on the backyard. all is okay Mmmmmmmmm MOM hmmmmmmm she didn’t come out on the deck yet, so . . I just went over to the tree oh my doodles so much dirt on that mound then as soon as I start to put my Mouth on DIRT What do I hear?

“Wilson ready to go and do errands?” OH Yes”! I galloped over to mom and AWAY we went I actually think she waited just at the right time to stop me That MOM she is a SMART ONE!

Then after errands we did get a puppy latte hmmmmm Doodleicious I say, well we got home started the grill and who is outside Mocha and JULIA

I just didn’t know what to do I ran from one end of the fence to another end of the fence . I just galloped I had to say hi to my GIRLS but . . . Who do I see MOM says here is JULIA so I nudged my nose into the fence HI JULIA BE Right BACK then galloped over to the gate tried to open it Shuck a doodle no LUCK
Darn! But My dear Mocha she did her lateral leap I think it is time for a party yep when I get back we need to have a dog party with humans over Just so all the girls can say hi to ME !

Have a Doodlicious Day !

Love ya Willy BABE

Ladies  Ladies  Ladies  I love you all

Ladies Ladies Ladies
I love you all


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