Happy Happy Wednesday OH I feel Goood Just like a Doodle should I feel fine just waggin my tail OOOO la la la OOOOO LA LA LA LA

I am just in sucha doodley good mood this morning, well, yesterday I just was not quite sure about a evening walk, Hmmmmmm I said to MOM well you see Dad was outside on the deck relaxing and Mom came out with my leash and said “Wilson, ready Big guy for your walk,” hmmmmmm “Mom, I am busy trying to eat this delicious dirt ” ha ha ha I was I was actually eating dirt!

Well I didn’t want to disappoint Mom I know how she loves walking me and we meet alot of people, so as soon as she walked back inside the house I came trotting by her, ha ha MOM gottcha!

So glad we did walk because as we started out Mrs C was outside well I just had to stop and get a pet so I did and MOM asked about Bell she just doesn’t like long walks and more whinnnn whinnnnnn so when it was time to go I just looked back at Mrs C told her to give Bell A huge hug from Mr. Wilson Babe.

We walked and walked and then came upon three small little girls well Of course I knew they were girl they were wearing Dresses oh my goodness so anyway this little one asked what kind of dog am I OH My I looked at mom gave her my dashing Doodle SMILE.

He is a Golden doodle which means he is half Golden Retriever and the other half Poodle, Hmmmmmmm I saw her thinking then she asked MOM “Well, Which half is the retriever?” ha ha ha Mom smiled because the little girl when she asked which half she put her hand on my back , to divide me up Hmmmmmmm

Mom said My tail is the Retreiver part along with my eyes.

Ahhhhhh Mom she knows how to explain so much

Then as we finished our walk who oooo wait we changed our pattern last night too We went up a street instead of going left so as we were walking we bumped into someone else they stopped there van and MOM just chatted oh doodles what a night just like a summer night should be bumping into everyone we meet.

So as we continued our walk We see my good old girlfriend Miss Maisy ahhhh but Mom would not let me go off leash to gallop to her gruuummmmp
it was becuase last timer I ran into Bells yard Like I would do that again????? yeah I would

So Miss Maisy and I watched and watched the street while those humans were talking and talking and ok humans time to go in now !

ha ha ha

Oh doodles sorry this is so late I just well I am doodle I have stuff to do

Have a wonderful doodly rest of your day !

Love ya Willy BABE


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