OH MY OHMY What a busy weekend I have had so I just had to rest all day long yesterday !

Well it all started out on Friday oh doodles it was so humid that my fur was curling up so much that I looked like a furry furry ball.

So on Friday Mom says come on lets go Well I actually have been giving her hints all day long that I need to do SOMETHING MOM ! ! ! I would look at her and she would do stuff MOM MOM MOM so we went to my favorite places that give out treats and then the GRAND FANALE of it all was going to STARBUCKS oh doodles that puppy latte tasted so goooooood I had a huge smile on my FACE<

I think my mom is the BESTEST !!!

On Saturday oh my doodles I thought I would never see this in awhile MOM and ME went for a SATURDAY MORNING WALK ! Yep i was so excited realloy MOM really we are going for a walk NOW NOW NOW ! ! ! "yes Wilson we are" Hmmmmmmmm What is going on OH the Doodles I don't care it was rather chilly outside so I was happy for my furry coat ha ha ha

Then We also went for a car ride later on the morning I got see my Groomer Beth yes as it turns out I got fluffed up oooooo I almost forgot ON Friday afternoon my sweet Julia was over by the fence with her human so I got to nuzzle her nose ahhhhhhh I know I am NOT cheating on my other girls its just that well Julia and I can sneak our heads through that fence part. And it was nice to nuzzle.

OOO where was I oh Saturday I got all fluffed up and the fur around my eyes got trimmed see I am already for A Wedding special Appearance but. . . MOM says I can't go whinnnnnwhinnnnnnnn Hey thats ok because we I get to go I will see my other friends.

On Sunday was my MOM and Dads anniversay we went to a place called Algoma oh so cool until we found out we could not walk on the Broadwalk oh Doodles it was for humans only Well what the Doodle I thought I am a DOODLE I should of put on glasses and a hat and I sure bet I would not be recognized but Dad good OLe Dad said NO shuck a doodle.
We sure saw some storm clouds move it was scary for me because the wind and then it got daerk

OOOO I almost forgot On Saturday after MOM and DAD ate dinner that went out to a restaurant They came home quickly grabbed me and we walked the trail and went to Dairy Queen ahhhhhh I got a Ice Cream

See I had a Doodlful fun weekend ! ! 1

Thats why yesterday I just had to Chill out !

Have a great day today oh yea Mom and I walked in the morning and evening and I think when she comes back from Yoga we will walk again
Walk this Wayyy Walk This Come onDoodles walk This WAY !!!1

Love ya Willy BABEI am ready to PARTY


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