Happy Happy FRIDAY

OH DOODLES OH DOODLES it is FRIDAY FRIDAY ooooo la la la OOOOOOo la la la

OH MY WEll, I must admit I almost ALMOST thought MOM and I were not going to do ANYTHING yesterday YEAH can you inmagine us not doing ANYTHING at ALL???

No morning walk again BUT thats okay after mom came back from her “LUNCH” with a friend well it was Mrs. K Busters’ MOM NOpe Buster didn’t go to lunch well,if he did I surely would of known because MOM didnt have any Buster smells ha ha ha ha oh doodles.

Anyway so MOM and I went to the park we both were not too sure if it would be too hot out but MOM brought water oh YES and as sure as I saw her get the cooler I knew we were going on an adventure, we didn’t go to Appleton Park just DEPere and Another pup was there names CHERRY she was a cute little white lab.

well yes that FURRY PAW came out but MOM stopped me twice oh gheez a doodles I just wanted to give her a hug oh my oh my.

We got to run and run just for a while because it was a little warm out BUT the best part of the day too was that we got to go for a 2 mile walk OH yeah.

My doodle pal RUSTY well we went past his house and his HUMAN had the sprinkler on so I got to get wet ! ! What a night just like it should be !

So this morning MOM is getting ready for yoga RUff RUFF WOOF WOOOOOF MOM MOM hurry HURRY so you would think she would run down the stairs to see what the DOODLES was wrong NOPE NOPE NOPE, So when she came down I was still at my spot looking LOOOKING and LOOKING Nothing she let me out NOTHING Hmmmmmm.
Then all of a sudden WOooF WOOOF whinnnn whinnnn WOOF WOOOOOF hurry hurry MOM they are out there Hurry HURRY ! ! Bunnies Bunnies the two baby bunnies our by our tree HURYYYYYYYYY Wooooo f Wooooof then whooosh she let open the door and WAAAA LA out I go those little guys went into JULIAS yard

Julia just so you know I protected your yard too Whoosh
I am exhausted but I think I saved the day from the BUNNIES ! !

Your Welcome
have a wonderful Friday

just so you know Mom says that this is her last Friday in July at HOME whinnnnnn whinnnnnn

Love ya Wily BABE

I  Wilson Doodle will protect all yards from those BUNNIES

I Wilson Doodle will protect all yards from those BUNNIES


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