Good Morning

Hi How you doing I must say I have been rather busy, BUT BUT, Mom has not been walking me in the morning we have been going for a evening walk WHY WHY WHY

Because it has been very warm outside and MOM says My tongue would be sticking out so much that it would be touching the road

Seriously MOM????/ Come on I think you are teasing me ! ! ! !

But the other night we walked 1.5 miles hmmmmm she was right Why is that our MOMs are always RIGHT???? hmmmmmm !!! And I am glad we went the way we did I saw my friend Mosby the Dalmation MIX ahhhhh it was so great seeing him ! ! ! WE sniffed and said our hello’s our humans talked then away we went. Plus there are so many pups walking late at night. Last night we went again but. had to keep it short !!

Oh My Doodles last night after our walk MOM and I sat out on the deck just relaxing and enjoying the evening lots of pups barking hmmmmm Come on guys enjoy the breeze. but ha ha ha

Dad was sitting on the coach near mom and I know I know there was space for me to get up onto the coach and Doodle VEG But But I just wanted to be petted by dad and I wanted my Leg to be petted so I put my paw up on the coach by Dad he saYS “COME ON wILSON COME UP HERE” NO NO NO i PUT MY PAW UP AGAIN Do you know what DAD did???

Well My Dad moved his hand yes can you believe that ??? So I just moved my head and looked at Dad ahhhhhh Dad I am over here and you seriously moved your hand away from me Really???? Really? ???? Okay so I just put my head down by his hand and he moved it again OK OK I Doodley get this we are playing a game ! So Dad would put his hand down I would Put my paw down Hey I think there is as song !

Put your paw down and give it a shake shake shake Move your hand here and give it a shake shake shake Put my head down for a scratch scratch scratch that is the Doodle Doodle Doodle WAY !

So today MOM and I went out on to the deck and can you believe MOM felt cold really MOM its so nice out this is my kind of weather nice and cool is My kind of weather with a slight breeze no NO NO humidity that my hair will cool this is MY KIND OF WEATHER.

Well gotta get moving along I will talk with you tomorrow ! ! !! Yeah Its Friday tomorrow I have to look for a Bow tie for a wedding next weekend hmmmmmm I wonder Wonder where I can find one I think Petsmart is in order and of Course we have been going to Starbucks almost out of money on that gift card JACK !

Love ya Willy BABE




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