Good Morning

OH OHOHOH Doodles I know I didn’t get on yesterday well I did but MOM got busy and would not put this computer on for me again I think I really doodly think I could do it my self but .. . What would happen if I hit the wrong button??? OH MY DOODLES I would NOT KNOW

I had a very wonderfuldoodly weekend my cousin Maisy came to visit and MY HUMAN sister Karen, and this time MOM let me stay in the house to say HI HI HI to Karen , so I could get my head scratched and get my hugs before Maisy would want to wrestle me HA HA HA LOve that Maisy girl

OOOps but plese don’t tell my other Girls I have a rep to watch over you know !! ! !

Well we didn’t get to the beach at all Mom and Karen had a SHOWER to go too then on Saturday night we hung out all together, that was fun, but on SUNDAY ooooooooo doodles We took Maisy to the soccer park, not for long becuase it was very warm but just enough time to say HI to DAD ! Yes YES YES Mom had a water container for us, and we got petted,

Gheeezzzzz a doodle MAisy again got petted first ! ! What the doodles is up with that I KNOW I KNOW she is a girl and girls go first but .. . . I am cute toooooo ! ! ! !

Mom would say Wilson has to get petted tooo ! ! ! Thanks MOM OOOOO MY OOOO MY
on the way to the field we went an entirely different way and mom stopped so fast that OOOOOO Doodles Maisy and I were like MOM what the HECK, all was good.

After we saw DAD and we took Karen to the highway Mom and I went to ZESTYS for some ice cream yummmmmmmm We did NOT eat the ice cream outside because it was so warm and MOM thought it would melt Good call MOM BUt I had to wait and Sometimes us Doodles well . . . We can get inpatient.

Ahhhhhhhh the summer time life I just love it !!!

the only bad part is that its so warm that we can’t walk in the morning so last night MOM and I took very short walk around 8 so it was cool I hope we go again tonight More PUPS were out too YEA YEAH ! !

So have an awesome Tuesday !

Love ya Willy BABE

"Dad what about me?"

“Dad what about me?”


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