Well oh Well I really felt Like I was ignored yesterday


Yeah So, mom goes to her YOGA class AND we always ALWAYS walk afterwards OH yes it was hot and yucky and my furry body I would be doodley melting which probably would not be good !

But NO WALK yesterday at all and to top it off MOM didn’t come home until at least 530 OH DOODLes she was helping out MIMI which was good but at least she could of done waS CALL ME ON THE doodle cELL OH YES THE dOODLE CELL ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS SAY wilssooooon @! ! ! !

oh my oh my

At least when she did come back she snuggled and hugged me but guess what ????!!!

Abbey was walking on down the street with Mrs. B and Mimi and the little one Mason I woofed wooofed Abbey heard me and tugged Mrs. B arm toward our house MOM opened up the garage door in came Abbey MOM let me outside and we romped and rommped Not the Doodle Rompin Stompin but we had fun !

Ahhhhhhh having Abbey come over made up for me not having a walk

And today is supposed to be hot and ucky again so I am not sure if we will be walking today but hmmmmmmm maybe its a ZESTY afternoon kinda day !

Mom just told me that my human sister is coming and MY COUSIN MAISY tooo oooooo What a beautiful weekend it will be !!

Have a wonderful Friday

Love ya Willy BABE

This is my other GIRLFRIEND  Abbey

This is my other GIRLFRIEND Abbey


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