Well oh Well

Yesterday MOM decided which way we were going to walk in the morning which I was LIKE “OKAY MOM BUT>>>>”

So last night when we were walking she wanted to do the DePere Route, hmmmmmm I guess we could of because I know wait that is not the “Zesty” Route that would of been different !

Any way last night as we were walking MOM says “OKAY Willy BABE” hmmmm “I just didn’t want to go that way” I stopped would not move or go across the street Wilson WhY MOM’ said, Hmmmmmm MOM not that way, so we went my route yes ! ! ! ! then of course to make mom feel good about her thinking she made the decision to change the route I gave her my FAMOUS doodle smile ! ! ! ! Well, of course she smiled back !

OOOOO before I forget yesterday morning when we walked we went past this wee little boy he petted me an smiled OOOOo but that is not what I wanted to tell you,
My adventure yesterday also included walking past some kids that wanted to pet me I guess it was Pet the DOODLE DAy

This one kid said hey dog UM HEM I am a DOODLE obviously this guy has never met me oh well, anyway he says to a friend have him go woof woof
OH OH OH Doodles MOM says Wilson Doesn’t go woof woof he says RUF RUF Ha ha ha
What a day what a day ooo we also went to do errands and can you belive that Walgreens does not pass out treaats ???? What the Doodles on that one, but luckily Mom had to go to the bank and WAAAAALA got a treat yes I was a happy Doodles.

oooo Looks like I have to get moving along singing a song Mom says no MOrning walk today sounds like she has a lunch date her hair oh my oh my
I do hope she finds time for me later ON ! ! ! ! She will.

Love ya Willy BABE




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