Well I must say this summer vacation for mom is going way to fasttt I mean really we only have gone to Starbucks for my Puppy Lattes 10 times normally it is at least 15 or 20 OOOO Wait we still have time heee heeee

So also on Sunday before we left for Door county MOM took me to the car and Dad said “Here Will how about in the way back” HUH???? DAD Me in the Back of Car” NO NO NO So I looked at DAD you Have got to Be Kidding??/ Right DAD???? Soo I just shook my head and went into my SPOT in the car the back seat HA A

So all of a sudden Maisy comes out of the house and Jumped right into the back “I smiled at her and said THat a good girl” Well , really I had to tell Dad which way to go, so she was fine. Once we get to Fish Creek we walk to the pier I had to tell MOM its OKAY to walk on the Pier she gets a little nervous, OH wait MOM has to upload some of those Pictures OOOO Doodles I hope ,oooo I will remind her.

WE even went to for lunch where I got my own water dish and my sister Karen gave me a little French fry hmmmmm doodleicious.

We had fun then the BEACH oh my doodles that was a BLAAST a doodle BLAST I went right into the water but MOM wasn’t watching me so closley I left the water and went to VISIT some people well, . . .. I just wanted to see if there was food around ha ha ha

So there was another pup on the beach and Maisy started to play with her ! “Hey Maisy what about ME!” I tell you I just have not been getting the attention I a so use too I got Maisy back into the water but . . . she started to go further out hmmmmmm MAISY MAISY wait for me I got her back in but ….. OOOOpppps I have jto do my stuff where can I go? hmmmmmm I see a spot YES I am a little shy in that area see I still don’t pick up my leg and I just don’t want to me laughed at ! ! ! !

I almost swam very far ooooo boy did I almost get moving along but , my Human Sister stopped whoooosh that was good can you inmagine me swimming so far then I would have to swim back. ha ha ah

So yesterday MOM had a napkin by a glass hmmmmmmm I haven’t taken a napkin in a long time so I think ………………. CRASH ooops “sorry MOM’
Yeah I broke a glass all over the floor water everything OOOOPS

But I am OKAY

Hey have another fantastic Doodley Perfect DAY !

Love ya Willy BABE

The water is FINE

The water is FINE


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