Well oh Well, It has been such a wonderful weekend that well yesterday my furry paws just could not type so I was just a lazy doodle.

But on Friday my MOM teased me saying guess who is coming well, of course I went right to the window, but MOM MOM you have to stop teasing me like that ! ! she laughed then all of a sudden on Saturday morning she did it again to get me inside hmmmmmmmm MOM I don’t tease you do I???

Well maybe just a little sometimes but anyway I was watching WATCHING watching, I sat myself on the coach then all of a sudden WILSON LOOK LOOK
OH MY doodles it was My Human Sister Karen and my cousin Maisy ! ! ! oh YES YES YES then MOM goes to the garage and opens it up and Maisy goes running RUNNING In to my backyard MOM MOM Hurry HURRY let me OUT ! ! Hurry HURRRY Maisy is here SO I I gallopped out of my house ChAsed Maisy then RAN back to the deck door.

Of course I had to say hi to my sister Karen HI Karen Karen Karen I wagged and wagged my tail that I dusted the table near by ! ! !

Saturday Maisy and I just hung around the house MOM and Karen went shopping for things but, they did not bring us anything What the doodles was that all about????
but on Sunday oh my Doodles that was sooooo Much fun ! ! We went Swimming, but of course Mom and Karen went into a few stores !

I tried my best to go into this Chocolate store Mom wanted my picture well, I just thought what a Great Shot if I went into the Store, “Mom, Karen Said Quick get Wilson” I turned and Smiled at MOM heee Heeee almost made it in !

Dad came with us too so he and Karen went into a store together and MOM and I and Maisy stayed in the Shade, can you inmagine that Humans were asking about Maisy and NOT ME ???!?!?!?? Yeah I was so shocked !!

We had a great time, I will will finish this adventure later on so much too say

But one of the best times I and Maisy had on a wonderful Saturday We even went swimming together.

So have a wonderful Tuesday

Love ya Willy BABE

So much fun being at the Beach in Baileys Harbor

So much fun being at the Beach in Baileys Harbor


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