Good Morning

Well oh Well oh Well

I am busted YEP YEP YEp

Remember how I snuck out of my yard and went into Mochas??? Well MOM and Mrs. G busted me yesterday afternoon Yea so sad so sad Well Mocha came over yesterday afternoon so we ran just for a little bit BUT when everyone was paying attention to MOCHA yea I didn’t care because I had an escape I just wanted to go see what is on the other side of the fence.

So I went over MOM is like where did he go??? and WILSON come home HA HGA MOM sometimes I just have to GO

Well mom got me back and sneaky MOM she watched me closely HA HA all of a sudden “WILSON ” “WILSON” NO

See I nudge my head to the gate and WAAAA LA I get to go next door !!

I tried it a couple of times and each time I GOT caught Whinnnnn HUMMMPH ! ! ! ! !

Oh Well , what is a doodle to do I watched over my Human Papa yesterday he petted me and let me out YEA THANKS all is good MOM even said we are headed to Chicago to bring PAPA home in a few days AND I GET TO GO with Dad well he has to stay home oh doodles.


Gotta get going

From the Busted Doodle Willy BABE have a nice day


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